Embracing Imperfection


In this perfect world of contouring, maximizing and minimizing our body image, everyone seems to be racing towards the finish line of perfection, but what is perfection? And why does everyone want so badly to achieve it. For many of us, beauty is what we can physically see on the outside, but if we sought out the true meaning of beauty we can find that it lives in the cavity of our soul, and it exist in the depths of how we treat people, without holding prejudgment to who they are and where they originated from.

The effects of what beauty looks like can cause an illuminating reaction or an invisible displacement, leaving young ladies and young men to question if they are GOOD ENOUGH. I recently took a trip to Atlanta and while touring one of their many attractions, a young lady was there, and I couldn’t help but awkwardly stare at her, she had visible scars that covered about ninety percent of her body and while I felt uncomfortable looking, she was comfortable and confident showing them.

This young lady was dressed not to cover up her scars but to expose them and I thought what a brave, unique, young person she is. In my own moment of reflection I wondered if I would have had that courage, she was an example of what “SELF-WORTH” is. She didn’t allow her scars or people to dictate how she needed to be seen and that to me is EMBRACING IMPERFECTION.

I have left you with and Excerpt from my Self-Help book titled “Self-Worth” below.

“Whenever you feel that you are worth it, that’s when confidence kicks in. it’s an inner feeling that comes from within and it is not based on how you look in the mirror, but what the image of the mirror reflects back onto you.  If your inside doesn’t match your outside, all the makeup, clothes and hair won’t make a difference. A built up of confidence allows you to step into any skin, any body image and any character flaws you may think you have. It’s the ability to rely on what makes you stronger, and what pushes you to be limitless, while setting you up to enter into life’s positive outcome”.

#Self-Worth Monique Antoinette

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