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Did you see her braids? Yes, we birth that! It was created then passed on from our ancestors, but what was too black for us became a white appropriation for them. You said “go back to Africa with those braids!” well that’s until “Bo Derek” made it a fashion statement in her movie “10”. Then it wasn’t a “Black Thing” it was an “I want Those Braids Thing”. What once was unacceptable for us, has become the trending topic for everyone. Thank you! “Kim Kardashian” for rocking those braids, because when I wore them they were ethnic, but when you wear them it’s just cool, so “WHOSE BLACKNESS” is this anyway?

Let me take the time out to thank this world we claim is not White, not Black, but Grey for putting my “Blackness” back on the map, because somehow by the images I thumb through on social media we were lost and now we are relevant again. You have criticized me for the size of my LIPS the size of my ASS the color of my SKIN and the texture of my HAIR, but I checked the store for that lip kit and it was sold out, you know the one that increases the size of your lip, and I made an appointment to have all the fat sucked out of any place possible on my body, to have it inserted into my invisible butt, but there is a lengthy waiting list at Dr. Plastic’s office, and let me not forget those tanning lotions, sprays and booths, so “WHOSE BLACKNESS” is this anyway?.

You said you gave the black culture life, but we were here before you started your mission of taking what we have and turning it into yours and it is not called bringing anything to life, because what we have done  was raised your self-esteem from the dead. But what is the true argument here, because Black Women, White Women, all Women of all different races are aspiring to be something they’re not, so we PERM, STRAIGHTEN, COLOR, ENLARGE, REDUCE, and ADD. So if we are questioning “WHOSE BLACKNESS” is this anyway? Then the real answer is it’s any ones.

STOP acting black, how many times have you heard that statement, but if only that statement made any sense, since black is a color and not a performance. Why aren’t we free to mimic styles and recreate fashions, the ability to take from what we see, what we like, and what makes us happy. We should be flattered that all races want to recapture us, but don’t get it twisted be free to express, but allow the power of expression to get the real credit of where it came from.

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