SELFWORTH  COVERSelf-Worth is the title of my manuscript that is twenty-three chapters of light reading. It is a Self-help motivational book, designed around guiding you in finding your worth within yourself.  Many times we lose ourselves in our relationships, our friendships, our families and overall life and we fall under a pile of situations which leaves us feeling Unappreciated, Unrecognized, and Undervalued.

My book is centered around helping you acknowledge what Self-worth is and how to use it as a tool for gaining the ability to live a true and valuable life without trading in your dignity, your integrity, and your pride for it. It will help you achieve your Self-respect, Self-esteem, and Self-confidence within you. It will assist in finding your voice, your lost identity and release your fears through self-work.

Once you read the book you will discover that it doesn’t condemn you in anything, but it will uplifted you in everything, while holding you accountable for any relatable actions. We often give people power over words against us, and the permission to disrespect and mistreat us in a manner which is unacceptable to whom we are, and because we lack self-worth within ourselves we believe that it is warrant. I have placed an Excerpt from the book below; it is from chapter Twenty-Three “Lessons of Self-Worth”

“Safe, Empowered, Leader, Fearless –Worthy, Original, Resilient, Trusting, Humble are all strong words, whose letters are built for you to feel safe throughout all your decisions in life. It’s there to become your empowerment of strength. Your base for overcoming obstacles and it presents itself as a leader within you. Self-worth gives you the courage to become fearless against any odds; it leaves you with the sense of worthy without doubts. It finds the original art within your soul to be creative, it moves your resilient being to give, and to know how much to take. It opens your heart to trust and it leads you with a humble head in everything that you do.

Self-worth represents living, we live in a world where we lose control, run from control and try to control, and under these controlled environments, all we want to do is just live.”


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