I am a woman Because…

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I am a Woman Because…

Who are you to tell me because I am a women I don’t have any rights. NO! You will not educate me on my sexual duties because you believe that’s all I’m worth.  NO! I will not be your child bride, left to become impregnated and abandoned, while you continue to bring underage girls into these small cramped quarters you call a home. NO! You will not enslave me and subject me to your verbal and physical abuse.  NO! You will not damage, degrade and destroy my body for money and drugs while brain washing me into thinking that I am your property.

NO! I will not conceal my identity from head to toe because of your religious beliefs, but because I have chosen to believe in my own rights of religion. NO! You will not strip me of my rights to be a child, a young girl and eventually a woman. NO! I will not be treated as community property, bargained, brought, and traded.

My womanhood gives me the choice to bring forth life; it should not be demanded upon me. I WILL petition to have a higher education, to be a boss, to become a successful entrepreneur and to empower all women, because I am flesh, blood and bone. I am created worthy enough to receive equal pay, run for president, and be a leader in my own rights. I am beautiful, I am strong, I am intelligent and I will not settle for less. I will dictate my own worth on a scale that measures me at a higher potential than you place me on.

I will not accept machismo behaviors nor will I tolerate femicide. You will hear the words NO as a request to STOP and not validate it to your own ears as an inferior outburst to continue. You will not label me a BITCH because I have a voice, and if one day I am left to become a single mother I WILL take care of my responsibilities while you cowardly run out the back door. I am a woman because I was born this way, and you can either stand with me or get out of my way.

Dedicated to all my Girls, Young ladies and Women who face social injustice every day.

#Self-Worth Monique Antoinette

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