Colors of Children

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When we allow children to grow into their own rights, we allow them to observe the world with a clean slate, with no judgement, being children with childlike abilities to play, laugh and dream, in a colorful world.  But when we poison a child’s mind we attach Labels, Stigmas, and Stereotypes to them. We encourage them to be raised by an already tarnished society with an adopted environment of bad behavior, setting them up to devalue a person based on their Race, Culture and Diversity. Children make their way into the world with an open heart, which is open to love, share, give, and care and many times we as adults strip them of their openness, because we are closed minded.  We hold on to things that later on affect the growth and development of our children and because of our negative experiences we transfer our dislike of the world onto them. Each moment in our lives is a teachable and learnable one, and it is up to us to separate our prejudices from our humanity.

I have shared an Excerpt from my Self-Help book titled “Self-Worth”


“There are two words that are similar in meaning which are Learn and Teach. When you teach you pass the knowledge on, when you learn you gain the knowledge that was taught. We have a responsibility to teach our children how to respect people who are different. We have to teach them how to be of assistance and to know that human kindness is not a name but an act. We have to teach them how to give back to their community, live in it and feel safe. When adults teach hate, children learn hate, and when adults teach love, children learn love, so what are you teaching your children?

#Self-Worth Monique Antoinette

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